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Zinc-aluminum alloy wire
Diameter Specification : 1.2mm-10mm
Package :  10kg-20kg/spool  20kg-50kg/bundle    50kg-250kg/bucket
Surface properties: smooth surface, no corrosion/products/glitches /cracking and shrinkage ,Zinc-aluminum alloy coating is similar stability as spray aluminum layer, but also has sprayed zinc layer similar electrochemical protection, it is an ideal anti-the seawater corrosion protection layer. Compared to the pure zinc wire and the pure aluminum wire coatings,  it has better adhesion, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, and superior performance of construction, zinc-aluminum alloy wire as a sacrificial anode spraying in the surface layer of steel structures,components extend the using life of 5-10 times.
Application :
Widely used in the steel surface preservative, container, bridges, derricks, tank, tower, tower, capacitor, metal stent, ductile iron pipe, transportation equipment and other surface spray zinc preservation industry.
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